Daze of thunder


Timing is everything, supposedly. Whether its comic timing, mixing or saying “cunt” beneath your breath in the office just when everyone else has decided not to talk or type, so the sound resonates around like a bad smell. Thing is, bad smells can hang around for a while, as can great remixes. Thing is with this remix though, its timing hasn’t been great, another La Roux remix that landed in our mail yesterday, but whilst its timing hasn’t been great, its fatness has, it’s been bombarding my eardrums on repeat all morning, wait till the 2min mark. Boom.

 La Roux – In For The Kill (Daze of Thunder Remix)

 We’ve also got another remix.

We also thought you might like to check out some of their other work, this a remix of Guns N Bombs track, which again doesn’t fail to bring the fatness.

 Guns N Bombs – Riddle of Steel (Daze of Thunder Bootleg Remix)


We are not a rock band, but we rock the house

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