Florence and the Machine – Jack beats & Boy 8-Bit Remixes

florenceandthemachinetopJack Beats latest remix (Florence and the machine‘s – Drumming song) surprisingly doesn’t sound like a Jack Beats remix! Still fat, but more  chilled and without the trade mark wobbly bass! I love it though, infact it grows on me more each time i listen to it. One of those tunes that would be perfect for the afternoon, after the morning from the night before.  Have a listen and see what you think… Quality isn’t the best as it’s a radio rip but you get the idea! Anyway… It’s out 14th September.

Florence and the MachineDrumming Song (Jack Beats Remix) (Radio Rip)

Click below for a BONUS Boy 8-Bit ‘Drumming Song’ remix

Florence and the Machine – Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

2 Responses to “Florence and the Machine – Jack beats & Boy 8-Bit Remixes”

  1. allenkeif Says:

    Henners…………add on the boy 8 bit i uploaded a few mins ago!!!

  2. […] for Midnight Juggernauts, Royksopp and Chromeo to name but a few), Boy 8-Bit (fresh of his Florence & the Machine Remix) and WhateverWhatever (who’re from New York and don’t like Kid […]

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