JazZsTepPa – Big Bass and Bigger Instrusments


What to do on a friday? Well last weekend it was a friends birthday and she wanted to go and watch a live performance. So off we plodded down to Cargo in Shoreditch. Its a strange mix of people on a Friday night, wanky bankers fresh out of work, Hoxton disco kids, beer boys on a stag do and us, a little left of the middle. At least you can depend on Cargo to deliver raucous beats and something a bit different.

So it was no surprise when I was stood there staring, open mouthed at a group called JazZsTepPa! They were tearing the place to pieces with their thunderous beats, you might say I was a little bit impressed and so was the crowd!

First started in 2006 and based in Berlin the group started out life as a foursome, which shrank into trio and now appears to only have two of its founding members left. That doesn’t mean the bare chested performance is limited in any way! Mixing Drum and Bass, Electronic and Dubstep with live instruments, (which included drums, a saxophone and trombone) it made for a surreal and infectious blend. The group was formed out of their love of Jazz instruments and when they discovered their mutual appreciation for Heavy Bass they put it all together, officially the first live Dubstep band!

Shame then that there is limited UK dates and none planned again for the London but if you see them listed near you, get your fat-face down there and wobble away in the mosh pit you wont be disappointed.

In the meantime here’s two of their recent remixes and you can pick up their official tunes/mixtapes from their website.

Kills – URA Fever (JazZsTepPa Remix)

Passion Pit – Sleephead (JazZsTepPa Remix)

2 Responses to “JazZsTepPa – Big Bass and Bigger Instrusments”

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  2. […] JazZsTepPa – Big Bass and Bigger Instrusments « we are not a rock band […]

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