Shit – Canadian Zombies!!!!


Yea I know the story is a day old but did you see my last post? It was about last Friday for fucks sake, I’ve had things on! However I couldn’t let this little gem go by without a mention on WANARB.

Zombies! The main stay of a lot of popular video games and films at the moment, even Davina McCall got in on the act with the big brother inspired ‘Dead Set’. All pretty standard stuff, but now those wacky Canadians have decided to let loose some scientists with a boat load of money and a little imagination to study what would happen if there really was a zombie invasion!

Excellent! To top it all off the scientists have concluded that we the Human Race, would be a little bit fucked (unless you have massively high garden walls. I live in Hackney, so tick that box!) at the beginning but would slowly rise up against the undead fiends and beat them down, probably with some new zombie killing weapon or Jean Claude Van Damme!?

Seriously though, someone with too much left over grant money has being playing a little too much Call of Duty, the nazi Zombie levels. It did have a serious point somewhere about disease but to be honest they had my interest peaked at ZOMBIES! The BBC take this relatively interesting story and dull it down here, so… anyone for a pint at the Winchester?

2 Responses to “Shit – Canadian Zombies!!!!”

  1. knockturnal28 Says:

    Shit son, Live action Nazi Zombies! Yeah badass yeah!

  2. classabryson Says:

    YES!!! Break out the baseball bats! Knew this would be a well received story.

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