Cryptacize in Session


I first heard of Nedelle Torrisi back in 2004 when I was recommended her track with Thom Moore titled  “In Time It Snows” thanks to some ‘other artists you may like’ function on a website I’d rather not name. It was what can only be described as a lovely little sweet song, and one that was put on a mix tape or two over the following few years. My problem was I didn’t have a clue who the hell she was, and if I’m honest, had totally forgotten about her until we received an email with a live session from Cryptacize and an attached biog of the band.

Nedelle has done some solo work, some duets and formed Cryptacize with former Deerhoof guitarist Chris Coen since 2004. It seems Cryptacize have been rather busy over the last few years touring with the likes of Jens Lekman and Xiu Xiu, releasing two albums, Dig that Treasure in 2007 and a new one Mythomania released a little earlier this year.

We’ve got four tracks from a live session at Chessvolt Studios which are a right contrast to the fatness of Daze of Thunder I posted the other day.

Someone had written in the biog about Vinegar Guitar, and Sugar Sweet vocals, but all I could think of was vinegar strokes and how wrong that would be to describe someone plucking their guitar as vinegar strokes. Anyway, tracks below…..and I’ve included “In Time It Snows” for you too, you lucky lucky people.  

Cryptacize – Blue tears

Cryptacize – I’ll take the long way

Cryptacize – Mythomania

Cryptacize – The Cage

Bonus Track

Nedelle & Thom – In time it snows

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