God i’m hungover…..Remix anyone?


With nothing else to do while recovering from the heavy night before, I’ve found myself stagnating in my house with a couple of mates who are feeling equally bad, I might even do some blogging on a Saturday, a real rarity. So thank god for football, the Ashes and Shithead.

You know the card game, I’m not going to go into to it but to make it more interesting the forfeiting has begun. So far the character in the picture above has pretty much lost every game and as a result is currently on his way to the shops for much needed hangover supplies.

Mind you with a card hand like that and just as useless playing skills I can see this clown making many more trips to the shops. As an update my mate Lammy just lost at Shithead and has now got to cut will’s fuzzy pubes.

The only thing keeping me going apart from the cricket score is Fake Blood’s new remix of Gossip’s “Love Long Distance”, not as fat as the usual stuff but a nice filler none the less.

Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix)

One Response to “God i’m hungover…..Remix anyone?”

  1. I really like this one more than his latest remixes

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