Relationship advice from Wikipedia? Fukkk Offf!

more than friendsI know, I know, I know, HazMat posted about this Hamburger back in May, but I fukkking love these 2 tracks that he didn’t put up before.

I was super-thrilled to hear Fukkk Offf‘s ‘More Than Friends’ when I was out on Saturday night, it’s so trashy!

But what does it mean, ‘more than friends’?


And more importantly, how do you become ‘more than friends’? Being totally useless with all aspects of romance and relationships, I consulted the internet. This is what I learnt:-

From wiki.answersThe way to become more than friends is make sure they know how you feel about them , exactly how you feel , so they can compromise, we all know being rejected is really painful and not good if your weak, well, not good for anyone really, but you have gotta take the chance if you want to be more than friends.

Great. That’s really clarified things. Thanks a-fukkking-lot.

Fukkk Offf – More Than Friends

Fukkk Off Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me




2 Responses to “Relationship advice from Wikipedia? Fukkk Offf!”

  1. classabryson Says:

    Good blog, what i really like is at the end of the blog in the ‘possibly related posts’ section is the blog title “Friend Advice – My friends annoy me, what do i do? ” – Well probably get some new friends, Idiot!

  2. karasimsek Says:

    I am actively recruiting for new friends. DISCLAIMER – These new friends do not necessarily have to enter the ‘more than’ zone of which I am totally perplexed, despite much research.

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