A Virtuous circle


This post is three things in one. Which is either an awesome coincidence, or I have very cleverly masterminded getting three things I love into one post, which once you’ve sampled all this post has to offer, will leave you with that warm glow you feel deep down in your stomach, and probably need to go wobble around somewhere.

It’s a band, it’s a DJ and it’s a film.

The band is ‘The Temper Trap’, I first heard of them around the start of the year thanks  to a film trailer. The film is ‘(500) Days of Summer’, released next week, and the DJ is Herve, who has done a fine Dub Remix of The Temper Trap, giving us a very virtuous circle.

The Temper Trap are from Australia and not only have they been used in a film trailer, they’ve also been used in E4’s adverts for their V Festival coverage over the last few weeks. The song, which I’m sure you’ll recognise, is ‘Sweet Disposition’ and its a fantastic crescendo of positivity. These guys have an album out and opener ‘Love Lost’ is pretty damn great too.

The Temper TrapSweet Disposition

The Temper TrapLove Lost

If I were you, I’d take a listen to the album, its on Spotify here and then, go buy it. Maybe you’d then like to check them out live? Well they’re touring the UK and you can find a list of dates here

(500) Days of Summer is out next week, and stars Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You’ve probably seen the posters for it, they’re freaking everywhere. This was an indie hit in the US, but looks like its going big over here. Anyway, decide for yourself if you want to go see it, I’ve already made my mind up, and the answer is yes.

Check out the full length trailer here

Finally, I’ll cut through all the warm fuzziness and bring us back full circle to The Temper Trap via a selection of remixes.

My favourite is the Herve Dub Mix of ‘The Science of Fear’, its fucking fat, but it’s a close call between that and the Doorly Mix of ‘Sweet Disposition’

The Temper TrapScience of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)

The Temper TrapScience of Fear (Mistabishi Remix)

The Temper TrapSweet Disposition (Doorly Mix)

The Temper TrapSweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)

Oh go on, check out the original too!

The Temper TrapScience of Fear

For an added bonus, because I’m awesome like that, check out latest Herve track which we’ll be wobbling, stomping an bouncing to over this Bank Holiday weekend. Boom!

HerveWho Da Champ

Or, to save you all time downloading individual tracks, you can get the Zip file here




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