Domino Riot


Since my last post about RuN RiOT, Tom got in touch with us about some new remixes that he’s been working on. Having already remixed for Jurassik & XLY last month whilst dropping some heavy tunes of his own, RuN RiOT has barely taken his foot of the gas and continues to stomp out remixes.

This month he’s sent us two tracks from the new Domino release, ‘Apathy’/’Compact’ EP. Domino began life as a Drum & Bass act in the mid 90’s. Since those early days Domino has progressed into the Nu-School Breaks/Electro arena, but elements of his Jungle-influenced roots are still clear to see in his productions. His own tune ‘SkinStripper’ is due for release the end of September and now with RuN RiOT adding his own brilliant style to tracks ‘Apathy’ and ‘Compact’, the only way is up.

Anyhow I’m losing focus. Ah yes, that’s right – the tunes: the remixed tracks contain RuN RiOT’s trademark heavyweight snare and mucky bass. He’s even thrown in some Dubhorn halfway through ‘Apthay’. You gotta love a bit of cheesy Dubhorn! Although these tracks may not be quite as pleasing as RuN RiOT’s own releases, they’re still stompers sure to fill the floors and add even more oomph to RuN RiOT’s own frantic live sets.

Domino Apathy (RuN RiOT Remix)

DominoCompact (RuN RiOT Remix)




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