Gruesome Twosome alert


This remix of ‘Love Game’ by Lady GaGa featuring Marilyn Manson was brought to my attention yesterday. Apparently, ‘they’ve been playing it loads on Radio 1’ – well as I listen to Magic 105.4 this has totally passed me by. And to be fair, I’m surprised Radio 1 would even play this, I mean it’s so not middle of the road. It’s almost… edgy.

I like it, but I hate it. A bit like Marilyn himself for that matter. At Download he was acting like a middle aged man, not the God of Fuck, what a let down!

Don’t you think they look kinda similar? Which makes this quote from Popcrunch even more vile.

When Marilyn watched GaGa passionately kiss a male model in the video clip for her new song “Paparazzi,” the 40-year-old musician moaned and said: “I’d like to be that guy. I’ll give you a cervical exam.”

That’s nearly as sexy as when a man stopped in me in the street when I was 17 and announced, ‘When I pull my foreskin over my head, I look like a welk.’ Errr, what’s a welk? Like really. What is it?

Lady GaGa ft Marilyn Manson – Love Game (Chew Fu Remix)

The remix is by Chew Fu, who is based in NYC – according to his Twitter he just found a nice apartment on 112th St. And enjoyed District 9. I doubt that the soundtrack of D-9 will be as off the chain sick as John Carpenter’s Assaut on Precinct 13.

Remember this?

John Carpenter – Theme from Assault on Precinct 13


Kara Simsek

2 Responses to “Gruesome Twosome alert”

  1. classabryson Says:

    Dear lord Magic 105.4……………….

    I hate radio, even the essential mix (the last decent thing on commerical radio) is a bit poor nowadays. Thank go for internet mixes otherwise i probably be sitting in silence during the drive to work.

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