The Cribs are back! oh yeah!

Cribs - Cheat on Me

The Cribs are awesome, and they’re back with a new album and a new single, which is fantastic news.

I was somehow, thanks to my old job, given the opportunity to see them at the Macbeth in Hoxton for an Amnesty International event about 18months ago. It was a free bar on a school night, which didn’t deter me from getting hammered and finding myself right at the front shoved against the stage. It was a phenomenal gig with highlights including me drunkenly and stupidly licking Gary’s guitar. Tremendous! What I do remember mostly was jumping like a tit and having angry ‘Hoxton Heroes’ and ‘Indie Cindy’s’ throw their drinks on me. Well, that and having some long haired hoxtonite throw me onto the stage (knocking over Gary’s mic and nearly taking him out in the process, or so I’m told) and sitting on me, whilst using my face as a punching bag before I  was subsequently thrown out. Anyway, that’s the kind of fucking awesomeness that surrounds The Cribs, and the new single, ‘Cheat on Me’ doesn’t disappoint on any front. The vocals are as visceral as a punch in the face, I fucking love it!

The Cribs – Cheat on Me

I’m well looking forward to seeing them live again, although this time, it’d be nice to not get beaten up!




2 Responses to “The Cribs are back! oh yeah!”

  1. Love the Cribs…

    Sounds like you had a rough time at that gig! Crikey. There’s a lesson to be leartnt there – school nights + free bar = bad things.

  2. That was a great and bizzare night!!!

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