Casiokids @ Bardens Boudoir

casiokids live @ bardens boudoir

Casiokids have been my favourite live band since they made me dance around in a wet field at Standon Calling a month or so ago. You can check out that post here (which also contains some token MP3s!). Since then I’d been very excited about the gig at Bardens on Sat 29th Aug and told ALL my friends that they had to come along. Which they did.

The stage was tiny and Casiokids mix of great music, enthusiasm and big grins had everyone dancing.

Now I’d just like to say this – I have NEVER been to such a happy/fun gig. There were enough people there to make it busy, and everyone there was super happy, adding to a really fun atmosphere where everyone was dancing and putting their arms round people like we were all best buddies. Casiokids seemed to be having a great time on a stage that was about half a foot tall, which enabled me (and the rest of the audience) to high-five most of them between each song. Good times. I don’t think I can properly convey how much fun and how electrifying their live performances are in words, but they’re playing at Proud Galleries next month so you should get yourselves down there before every man and his dog starts to love them and say that you were there at the beginning of something big!

I managed to catch up with a couple of the guys after the gig to have a chat. this is what I learnt:

  • They really enjoyed Standon Calling and Femi Kuti and the Positive Force’s performance there.
  • They have shared a bill with Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele and think they’re all “really nice guys” (I’ll be blogging about Dent May next week!)
  • They flew from Norway to London just for the Bardens Boudoir Gig, that’s dedication for you!
  • They like midgets, or “little people” (as do Super Tennis who were the support tonight, more to come on that later!)
  • They are probably the most modest, friendly, laidback band you will ever meet.

Gig listings can be found by clicking the ‘read more’ link below and you should really check out their blog Happyjokes as well, it’s pretty awesome.

Gig Listings
01.10.09 UK, Bristol, Start the bus
02.10.09 UK, Brighton, New Hero
03.10.09 UK, Canterbury, Farmhouse
05.10.09 UK, Coventry, Kasbah
06.10.09 UK, Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
07.10.09 UK, Liverpool, Korova
08.10.09 UK, Reading, Oakford Social Club
09.10.09 UK, Aldershot, West End Centre
10.10.09 UK, London, Proud Galleries
12.10.09 UK, Sheffield, Uni
13.10.09 UK, York, Fibbers
14.10.09 UK, Manchester, Deaf institute


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  1. […] and all of decent quality, which is more than you can say about a certain Danish beer! What with Casiokids, First Aid Kit, Sebastian Lind, and (to a certain extent) Fanfarlo, we’re really being spoiled […]

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