You Reckon you can handle the truth?

I’ve never seen Schindler’s List but I OWN Leprechaun 4: In Space. Translation – I only like watching good films that actually mean something and make me think of hardhitting stuff. Schindler’s List – old news. Leprechaun in Space – futuristic nightmare we need to be ready for.

Hence why I am quite excited about the forthcoming release of Reckoning Day, a straight to DVD gem that you will probably be able to find in a Pound Shop near you very very soon. It touches upon important issues including warfare and experimental narcotics. So it’s like a Jacob’s Ladder for the new millennium.

From what I can make out about the plot from the informative voice over, it sort of reminds me of this mental story from last year – 2 Swedish twins running amok on the M6.  Arguably the best ever episode of Traffic Cops ever.

It turns out that now one of them has been done for murder – OMG!

There were theories going round at the time that they were clones. On David Icke’s forum [yes I know this isn’t really a source and any credibility I may have ever had has just exited the building/blog], one perfectly level headed and normal person who just happens to frequent David Icke’s site even went as far as to say: “they were clearly totally nuts, or brainwashed, because they had no survival instincts and no fear only a desire to die and feel pain – only hypnotised people behave like that without flinching.”

Another perfectly non-paranoid member of the public added: “They could be mind controlled to cause mayhem just like the people doing the stabbings in the supermarkets.”

How about this logical explanation: “If I was to take a bet, I would say they were under mind control of some kind and they got loose from their handler.”

This is my favourite one though – “My ex who used to work for the pentagon told me that PCP is the only drug out there that completely lifts the ‘veil.’ while you’re on it you see the world and people as they really are. which is why so many people freak the fuck out on it. they can’t cope!” [Aaah, the old ‘my ex who used to work for the Pentagon’ chestnut!]

Hypnotised? Cloned? Mind control? Tesco troublemakers? On crack or PCP? …What do you think?


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