Low End Theory Podcast – Episode VII

boom time

Our favourite little mole inside the Radio 1 headquarters has bought this little mix to our attention. It’s a pod-cast made by the The Gaslamp Killer and Mary Anne Hobbs. Most of it is mixed by The Gaslamp Killer, Mary Anne Hobbs mixed the last 15 or so minutes. It’s an enjoyable listen and in places has more waaaamps than your dad on Christmas Day after a plate of brussel sprouts.

The Gaslamp Killer is one crazy mofo and has really blown up recently. His music is fat, but his stage presence is just as legendary – a white guy with a huge afro and tons of energy going crazy. You could pass him the TV remote and he’d probably run around the room and bounce of the walls with excitement (come on man, it’s only Big Brother – you hate that show anyway! Relax). Just listening to his mix I can just picture him going bonkers on a set of decks. What a stark contrast to Mary-Anne! It seems weird that they could even be in the same room together…

Anyway, I digress. You can subscribe to this and other pod-casts here or download the mix below… I recommend you do both!

The Gaslamp Killer and Mary Anne Hobbs – The Low End Theory Podcast, Episode VII

For tracklisting click below

Uma Thurman & John Travolta in Pulp Fiction – Fox Force Five joke (bedded with Broken Note – ‘Meltdown’)
Reset – ‘Mamma’s Ghost’ Original mix (Architech)
Dorian Concept – ‘Trilingual Dance Sexperience’ (Affine)
P.U.D.G.E – ‘Awesome’ (Duplate)
TRG – ‘Strobe Lick’ (Dubplate)
Computer Jay ‘Maintain’ Ikonika mix (Ramp Dubplate)
Avril – ‘Be Yourself’ (F Comm)
Gemmy ‘Rainbow Road’ from the LP ‘Wild Angels’ (Planet Mu)
Durrty Goodz – ‘Keep Up’ (Dubplate)
Tranqill – ‘Payroll’ Paul White Clean Dub from the LP ‘Wild Angels’ (Planet Mu)
Flying Lotus with Jose James – ‘Black Magic’ (exclusive Dubplate)


One Response to “Low End Theory Podcast – Episode VII”

  1. you didn’t hang about blogging this!

    Great mix though, heavy bass with plenty of samples chucked in that you’ll recognise.

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