one last hurrah

Wolfy boy

It is glaringly obvious to all and sundry that electro house is falling/has fallen flat on its arse. The same can be said for dance music as a whole; clubs are closing, nights are going monthly, legendary DJ’s are bringing down their prices as promoters can no longer afford them. It’s sad to see because I’ve always been partial to a good old stomp but hey, trends come and go. What will replace it will no doubt be fresh, exciting and have a new sense of urgency that has been missing for a few years now.

All is not doom and gloom though, as there are some people who are keeping the flame burning. Guys like Wolfgang Gartner are producing fun, intelligent stompers that are slowing down the demise of the scene, keeping it from going under that little bit longer. Well, for now at least.

Just take a listen to this and you’ll see what I mean. Good stuff.

Wolfgang Gartner – Fire Power




5 Responses to “one last hurrah”

  1. Hmmm, interesting points. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s dying though.

    I think it’s a natural contraction that was bound to happen, the scene has been bloated for too long, the recession merely brought it about sooner.

    As to clubs going monthly & DJ prices coming down, this is a good thing as it means the quality of nights should be higher, and also the prices on the door should come down, although maybe not behind the bar and you’ll still get shafted for a warm Red Stripe.

    Also underground scenes (techno, dubstep etc) are thriving, and big name DJ’s/acts (Digweed, Booka Shade) can still fill out the big clubs. They’ve just wisened up and now make sporadic appearances.

  2. I agree with you to a point, but I think it’s just the natural evolution of music.

    Music, undoubtedly lives on, but trends fade away – just look at the 50’s and 60’s – the vast majority of that stuff is dead and buried, with only a handful of spectacular tunes rearing their heads in todays market. But whilst the songs live on, things like ‘doin the twist’ just doesn’t happen today. It’s been replaced. Dance MUSIC will live on, but the scene itself? On its way out. I am certain that there will be a renaissance at some point, but whilst all the ‘new’ genres keep coming up with sounds that we’ve all heard in some form or another for the last 20 years, then I’m afraid the kiddies will find something else to amuse themselves with.

  3. Coming from more of a band/live music perspective its interesting to read this, as Ive recently been thinking the same… perhaps though its the larger, more profit driven shows that are having trouble, and the smaller nights, warehouse parties (proper ones), smaller clubs/bars that dont put on big names, dont have sponsorship which are seeing a bit of a resurgence… Large venues especially in the capital have been closing, yet 2008 saw possibly the biggest influx of small festivals (admittedly a lot of which failed). When the larger nights dont want to take the risk it leaves a gap for the smaller promoters to get in… personally it feels like the number of new djs/producers/bands/club nights over the last 18 months had dropped and is now picking up again…

  4. So – the man himself, Mr Wolfgang Gartner has just emailed us adding his voice to the discussion. I’ve copied and pasted what he said:

    “…just FYI though, . . . dance music is thriving more now than it has been in like 10 years, from somebody on the inside i can tell you it’s in a VERY good place right now.”

    you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth boys and girls!

  5. “then I’m afraid the kiddies will find something else to amuse themselves with”

    People will always want to go to a club and dance and have a good time, dancing to music goes back centuries. The ‘dance scene’ will not die (as you state), merely the music that causes people to dance within the clubs will change (as it has through the course of history).

    I can’t see kids staying at home in ten years and playing PS10 just because Electro house went through a bit of a rough patch in 2009.

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