Well that was the British summer. And once again, weather wise it was pretty atrocious. We should know better by now, but this weekend 30,000 revellers will descend upon the Isle of Wight, crossing every limb going & hoping to a higher power that we can have just one weekend of glorious sun.

It’s Bestival weekend, Rob da Banks annual end of festival season tear up. Firmly established now as festival favourite, due to it’s adopting of the proper festival ethos (on site camping, it’s ok to walk around with a can of lager that wasn’t bought at the festival etc), fancy dress themes (this year is outer space) and it’s sterling line ups. And the Bestival crew don’t disappoint as headlining the Saturday are Electronic Dance Music pioneers – Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk – Tour de France Etape 1

Legends, and these kraut-rockers show no sign of slowing down. At an age when most men are looking at that retirement home on the coast or babysitting the grandkids, Kraftwerk have only gone and made their live show a 3D spectacular complete with Tron suits! Wow!

So am I excited about seeing 4 middle aged German men, in outfits that would probably get most men at that age arrested if worn in public, playing pre-programmed loops from 4 Macbooks , whilst I’m dressed in an outfit that I should know better than to wear in public? Like you would not believe.




2 Responses to “BESTIVAL – KRAFTWERK”

  1. OMGGGG I would do anything to be seeing Kraftwerk. I saw them when they toured in 04-ish in Manchester and it was amazing. Flanchez I hope this weekend their set leaves you a-Tron-ished!

  2. knockturnal28 Says:

    Sick. As in i’m ‘sick’ with jealousy… Wish i was at Bestival, that’s gonna be the nuts!

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