WANARB EXCLUSIVE – The Federals. Fun Fuzz.

The Federals

So I pulled out this E.P. from our inbox over a week ago now and ever since it’s been burning a hole in my itunes (and my ears). I first posted about The Federals here a couple of months back. Since then I’ve been in regular contact with their manager who has been supplying us with some tasty exclusives. And this E.P. is no exception. The first track, ‘Get Out’ is on the previous post, so I’m gonna concentrate on the other 3 tunes in the E.P. Supplying you guys with only one of them is a tough bastard task ‘cos they’re all stonkers! In a nutshell – fun fuzz.

Hmmm – after much deliberation I’ve settled on On My Way because it reminds me of an old Red Hot Chilli Peppers tune (when they were good) – ‘Search and Destroy‘, which I used to love when I was a long haired grunger. I wish I could post all 3 tracks but then you wouldn’t go and buy their E.P. now, would you?

The Federals On My Way




4 Responses to “WANARB EXCLUSIVE – The Federals. Fun Fuzz.”

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  3. search and destroy… surely that would be a stooges song?

  4. ahem – thanks for that iggy. Yes that would be correct – Red Hot Chili Peppers did a COVER of The Stooges – Search and Destroy. My bad…

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