Funny Skin – back with a bang! + September Mix Download

Lets go back, back to 1996 where a sixteen year old Knockturnal had just discovered he could pass for eighteen and so began to attend local club nights. Trouble was I’m from Southend and in the mid nineties there wasn’t a lot of choice. Not for a young raver such as myself anyway…

Funny Skin FlowerWhen i discovered Funny Skin it opened my eyes. Already an established party for 4 years by this time, it was a no frills kind of night where people came to listen to Techno, dance and be happy. Set in Southend United’s  “Shrimpers” club the venue was cramped, hot and sticky with low ceilings, I was easily the youngest person in the club that night but know one gave a shit! At a time when Glam House was the big thing, pretentiousness was running high, ‘Super’ Clubs were springing up all over the country and Big name DJ’s were commanding bigger pay checks here was a party which said bollocks to all that and everyone was loving it! You only had to go once to be hooked. The people, the music, the vibe it was all amazing and i made sure i was in attendance every month after that.

The years that followed saw Funny Skin go from strength to strength playing at some of the larger venues in the town as it’s popularity grew, by 2000 it was at it’s peak. The decision was made to end on a high and Funny Skin threw their last party that year. Gone but not forgotton it’s loss was mourned by many, so much so that last year they held a reunion party. It was mobbed and after an eight year exile Funny Skin was back!

This month is Funny Skin’s Seventeenth birthday. To celebrate they’re throwing a party next saturday 26th at Zinc nightclub in Southend and to get us in the mood the boys have done a special birthday mixtape which you can download from the link below.

Funny Skin – 2 b 4 u mix (september 2009)

Their last party at Zinc back in June was a full house by eleven so better get down there early for this one! For more information check out their Facebook fan page here.


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