Epic Fails


I don’t really need to say much about Kanye West and his behaviour at the MTV VMA’s this week, everybody, including the President of the United States of America has put their oar in, so best leave it to the most powerful man on the planet to do the talking me thinks.

One thing I would like to put in, is that no one has mentioned what he did a few years ago when he was beaten to the ‘Best Video’ award a the MTV EMA’s by Justice. Even though his video “cost a meeelion dollars”. Its seems Kanye “Gay Fish” West is rather opinionated when it comes to music videos.

If i remember correctly, he then went out and hired the guys who did the Justice video to do his next video. I’ve got a tenner on him hiring Taylor Swift’s people to do his next video, which will never be better than the music video below, which i think is the best of all time, of ALL TIME.

In minor UK ‘Fail’ news, its seems Diversity came crashing down to earth with a bump, and by that i mean the kid with the hair and glasses had what is most certainly an Epic Fail, falling on his head after a failed backflip outside #10 Downing Street in front the Gordon Brown. As he’s ok, I think its acceptable to laugh, therefore, the clip below is hilarious. It’s true, children do do the funniest things!

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