Daft Punk featured in DJ Hero!

I gotta admit I was very late jumping on the Guitar Hero band wagon, but as soon as I did I loved it! Now i’ve been aware that Activision have been developing a dance music version of Guitar Hero (titled DJ Hero) complete with turntable controller for some time, but had no idea it would be featuring DAFT PUNK! This is very exciting news, even more exciting is the fact that we only have to wait until October 30th to get our hands on it. – Happy Days!


4 Responses to “Daft Punk featured in DJ Hero!”

  1. oh god. I’m so gonna get that.

  2. daft whores


  3. you should be flanchez!

    Kris Novoselic and Dave Grohl are screwing at the moment about the fact their dead mate Kurt is being flogged in the new guitar hero. Basically you can play as him (which to be fair, would be amazing?)

    Thats what happens when a certain Ms Love controls your estate!

  4. I read about this, it’s not the fact he’s in the game and is playing to Nirvana songs, but that he can be unlocked and used as a character to play along to Bon Jovi et al.


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