SMD + Joker


Every single Dubstep forum you checked in the last month has been blazing on about Joker’s remix of SMD’s – ‘Cruel Intentions’. People were catching snippets in a mix tape or downloading fake remixes of the track emblazoned with the Joker label, only to be cruelly disappointed to find it was some Britney Spears song. Rik-rolled much!

Well the wait is over, it’s finally been released and the blogs have been eating it up, riding high on the popularity chart at Hype Machine. Not unsurprising really, theres been a lot of good things said about the up and coming 20-year-old out of Bristol. He’s slowly being building a solid reputation with quality remixes and raucous DJ sets up and down the country. Collaborating with someone as big as SMD shows how far he’s come. Where Benga started the genre, Joker is the continuing evolution.

SMDCruel Intentions feat Beth Ditto (Joker Remix)

Bonus – Want more Joker? He’s stuck up a fresh mix on his Myspace with a direct download link here!




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