Chromeo – Night by Night

chromeonbnChromeo, as they so eloquently put it on their Myspace, are the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the beginning of human culture. Considering the Montreal born duo didn’t even like each other when they first met at school makes it all the more surprising that their music has dominated all over the world.

After the success of Fancy Footwork, their 2007 album, they’re back with a new single – Night by Night – from their upcoming LP which is due out next summer and is their first original track since the Fancy Footwork album. Don’t feel bad about downloading this track either as the Green Label Sounds are offering this single for free!

It’s not like they’re offering it to you for free because it’s shit! It’s an amazing opening track and the start of the song could accompany a cut scene straight out of Scarface, what with it’s looping pop pianos and 80’s guitar riffs! This is a tight disco track that makes you fall in love with Chromeo all over again and have you reaching for that copy of ‘Tenderoni’ once more.

ChromeoNight by Night


ChromeoTenderoni (Proxy Remix)

Chromeo– Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Their DJ Kicks Album is out on the 29th September, which is “a collection of obscure disco and funk gems… with a couple of newer tracks thrown in, as well as our Eagles cover…” Looking forward to it!




2 Responses to “Chromeo – Night by Night”

  1. MSTRKRFT mix of tenderoni………get in those pants pants pants pants…..not the kinda thing you want to be singing walking down Ealing Broadway of a morning…..

  2. classabryson Says:

    YES! I can see you groin thrusting as you walk down the street, work it! Its suits you.

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