Nicolas Cage is super, man.

nic cage


So, back in the late 90’s Tim Burton, after doing such a kick ass job on Batman, was up to direct another DC Comics legend, Superman. He’d managed to get Kevin Smith onboard to write the script, and get WANARB favourite Nicolas Cage to play the man of steel himself, Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman.

Now I’ve heard for a long time the rumours that there was a costume, and that there were photos of Nic Cage in the costume. I’ve had my fingers crossed for fucking years that they existed, and that they were terrible and today, its finally paid off.




3 Responses to “Nicolas Cage is super, man.”

  1. Did someone try and garotte him?

  2. i wish they had, i wish they had

  3. Mulletards… meet your King…

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