Silly sunday: Grange Hill Theme Tune!

Hello and welcome to our second ever Silly Sunday, where we post weird and random stuff. If you’re new to it, the policy is anything goes. This week we’re proud to announce that we have the Grange Hill theme tune for your pleasure! So if you’re having a nice relaxing sunday, suffering from a hangover, preparing a roast or zapping every last brain cell and trying to remember the last time you slept, get a load of it. It’s AMAZING.

For our non-British readers, Grange Hill was a kiddies program that used to run in the late 70’s and 80’s and was about a school in London full of tear-away kids. Such was the nature, I remember my poor friend theveev being banned from watching it by his mum when we were kids. Aaah bless. Just for you Neil, here’s the video of the intro sequence. It’s OK, you can watch it now…

So let us tell you about Mr Alan Hawkshaw: He’s the undisputed king of Library music composers and is responsible for a wealth of TV and movie theme tunes, namely The Channel 4 news tune, Countdown, the Cadbury’s milk tray advert, and of course the theme tune to Grange Hill. We owe a lot to this man. Download and love.

Alan Hawkshaw – Chicken Man (AKA Grange Hill theme tune)


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