Twis7 and Play

play me

Fresh out of California, record label – Play Me – set up by Reid Speed and Mark Subsonic, have described their sound as “Fun yet Bass Heavy”. Excellent! Sounds right up our dirty alleyway. The label is pumping out exciting releases from a whole host of artists and producers whos genre’s have been pigeon-holed into Fidget, Dub, Grime and Electro, including ‘Torqux n Twis7’ who have dropped this bass laden tribute to Azzido Da Bass’s ‘Dooms Night’.

Azzido Da BassDooms Night (Torqux n Twis7 Remix)

Not content with breaking down this track the duo have put together this 77 minute mix to showcase their wide ranging skills in the Dub genre and they don’t pull any punches. Slow and heavy-to-frantic and aggressive: it never lets up. Now go! Find some massive speakers, a small room and you wont be disappointed. Although your neighbours might.

Torqux n Twis7Welcome to our World

More on Torqux n Twis7:



2 Responses to “Twis7 and Play”

  1. big remix of Azzido da bass!

  2. classabryson Says:

    Massive mix of azzido da bass, i wish i had bigger speakers.

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