Predators are F*cked!

danny trejo vampire

Thanks to Punch Drunk Critics interview with Danny Trejo, our favourite Mexican Badass has confirmed he’s gonna be in ‘Predators’. This is tremendous news, and even better news from Latino Review is that details have been leaked from the script (written by Robert Rodriguez), and it sounds a bit more ‘Predator’ than “Predator 2” to me.

“The Predator planet is a game reserve and our eight humans are the game and are hunted by alien Predator dogs, Predator falcons, and the most cool, the Predator that is orchestrating everything…is a super Predator, think of a normal Predator jacked up on steroids! In the script he is referred to as Black Super Predator.”

Apart from the Black Super Predator sounding rather lame,  Predator Dogs? Predator Falcons? What the fuck? Anyway, they’re no match for Trejo; he’s far to badass to take any shit from those pussies.

So to surmise, Predators + Trejo + Rodriguez = Awesomeness.

Plus, just because of the photo at the top I gotta say, Trejo the vampire would fuck Team Edwards shit up, he’d fuck all them ‘Twilight’ pussy sparkling Vampires shit up, now thats a film I’d love to see.



One Response to “Predators are F*cked!”

  1. allenkeif Says:

    Fuck………..the script has a certain governator lined up for a cameo

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