Jesus Christ monkey balls! What’s this? A film based on the old Nintendo game? No.  A film about one man going on a killing spree, one man with tons of weapons and dressed in body armour going postal on a whole town? Yes.

Sounds great doesnt it? But wait, hold fire, it’s actually quite shocking. The trailer is pretty graphic and violent, watching the opening sequence what springs to mind is that this kind of thing has happened across America already, and that a film that seems to follow a storyline similar to the tragedies at Columbine or Virginia Tec is disturbing.

Thing is, however disturbing it is, it looks like an interesting film, thought provoking and if the trailer is anything to go by, there should hopefully be some kind or morality to the story that we’re being told. Or if you’re just in for mindless violence, seeing innocent people being mamed, loads of explosions,car crashes, guns, helicopters and shit, you are a winner. My main concern is the director, Uwe Boll. You may of heard of him? He beat the shit out of some bloggers and reviewers who slagged off his films, he did it in the ring.

So that’s Uwe Boll beating up some people, but if you want to know what the people he’d beaten up had reviewed, check out the trailer for his film ‘Postal’, it looks awful,

but “alone in the dark” looks terrible in a great way, especially for showcasing actors who have so spectacularly fallen from grace. See

Tara Reid

Stephen Dorf

Christian Slater!


One Response to “rampage”

  1. karasimsek Says:

    He showed a film of his called ‘Seed’ at Frightfest 07, unbelievably vile. I’d never seen anything like it. Opens with PETA footage of a fur farm. It was the most harrowing thing I have ever seen. He did a Q&A and said it was unlikely it’ll ever be released, not here anyway.
    They showed Postal too, awful. Really awful.

    The Q&A was good, it was just people hurling abuse at him, he loves it!

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