Fresh Prince of Bel Mustard


What was that? Mustard Pimp’s done a remix of Fresh Prince of Bel Air…



I’d love to see Carlton getting his groove on to this…

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will Smith (Mustard Pimp remix)

Kara Simsek

18 Responses to “Fresh Prince of Bel Mustard”

  1. karasimsek Says:

    ❤ it!!! x

  2. knockturnal28 Says:

    Sadly i can’t say the same for the track… would kill a party worse than keith putting on back street boys!

  3. karasimsek Says:

    1. I LIKE the BSB and if I went to a party and someone played them I would be delighted.
    2. If TEAM WANARB were the BSB you’d be AJ – so really, stop griping.
    3. This track IS shit but I thought I’d post it anyway.


  4. I fucking hate Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

    The mix itself is that most basic of arrangements. A melody in 4/4 and some octaving for the chorus. Yawn.

  5. karasimsek Says:

    I bet you’d like Fresh Prince of Bel Air if it was directed by some goon like Alain Resnais.

  6. I heard he had his treatment rejected. Almodovar, too. *siiiigh*

    Still. At least Aronofsky is still on board to direct the Robocop remake. The high art / pop culture marriage WILL be realised.

  7. karasimsek Says:

    Remake is a dirty word in my world Amir, be careful. I might kick off.

  8. What?? Aronofsky is doing the remake of robocop?

    I’m basically having a good time.

  9. Yeah, been working on it off and on for a year now. Rumour was he’d been fired for being too Aronofsky, but not true. It’s going to be absolutely freaking phenomenal.

    Kara, true dat. Lazy me. It’s a reimagining. It’ll take the core mise en scene, and start it all again, a la Batman Begins of Abrams’ recent Star Trek.

  10. allenkeif Says:

    Yup, he’s doing Robocop, but I think the word Hollywood likes to band around is ‘Reboot’ and I am fed up of Reboots and ‘Origins’ stories. No one can seem to tell a good story anymore (bar Pixar) or come up with an original idea.

    Henry, BSB NEVER ruins the party. I was at a party once and said to my friend Mick, “hey, no one’s really dancing, check out what I’m gonna put on” and showed him BSB, BSBack, he laughed and laughed and laughed as i walked over to the stereo carefully waiting for one song to end so i could drop the bomb. Bomb dropped and girls screaming and ‘getting down’ i casually stroll over to Mick who’s gobsmacked and say “told you so”

  11. knockturnal28 Says:

    I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

  12. allenkeif = BRIAN
    The BSB who recently got freakin’ SWINE FLU

    I’ve started so I’ve finished:

    Classabryson = KEVIN
    HazMat = HOWIE D

    me = NICK CARTER

    Free Image Hosting at

    I’ve just confirmed that I’m a massive gaylord haven’t I?

  13. knockturnal28 Says:

    Nah, lesbians are cool. You just confirmed you’re a massive loser 😉

  14. Shut it, AJ!

  15. OMG – are we even discussing BSB on this blog???

    we worked hard to get us this far nut now I fear our reputation has just been dashed…

  16. ……btw – which one is howie? (I’m hoping i got the blonde one wih big hair)

  17. karasimsek Says:

    L-R: Brian, Nick, Kevin, Howie (i.e you, Matt), AJ

    You should know this already, haha

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