who are the silver columns?

Silver Columns

Silver Columns eh? I guess you probably haven’t heard of them? I certainly hadn’t until we got sent their track on monday. Seems that not many other people have heard of them either, some have been calling them ‘mythical’ but seeing as dictionary.com’s second explanation for the word means

2. Imaginary; fictitious

I’d have to disagree with them, seeing as there is tangible evidence that the Silver Columns do actually exist, but in what form it’s pretty hard to say.

The tangible evidence is this, they have a track, its called ‘Brow Beaten’ and its falsetto synth pop with a catchy chorus, which I like, but what’s an even better piece of evidence is the remix from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, which shows they must have spoken to other human beings, thus, they exist. Joe Goddard obviously brings a certain Hot Chippy-ness to the track, which in my humble opinion, works rather well.

Silver Columns Brow Beaten

Silver Columns Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Remix)


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