Boy’zGONE (+ silly sunday)


“Where were you when Stephen Gately died?”

Old people yap on about ‘ooh, I remember when they landed on the moon’. Or, ‘ooh, the end of the war’. They think that we’ll never experience such important events. Events that stop the world in its axis and make everyone drop to their knees and shout at the sky in euphoria/despair.

Seriously, what do they know, the toothless old fools?

As if Michael Jackson faking his own death overdosing on meds just months ago wasn’t brutal enough for the annals of 2009, last night, another musical heavyweight was lost to the murky shadows of Hades. One fifth of Boyzone was snatched from us – just when they were about to make a comeback! Oh the injustice of it all! [a total cunt might say “1 down, 4 to go”]

But, life goes on. Stephen would have wanted that. He knew the game, he’d been in the West End. “The show must go on!” he would have squeaked, his soft Irish tone reverbing weakly from his ever wet looking mouth that horizontally bookended his simian face with a pair of curtains last seen on a teenage boy circa 1996. Perhaps he’d be doing jazz hands at the same time. Or a box step whilst holding a cane and wearing a top hat and tails. But I digress.

Now, stop crying just long enough to listen to a song so epic, so powerful, so overlooked it’s criminal… It’ll transport you back in time. To the Evergreen Forest, quiet, peaceful… serene. You know the rest!

Get ready to Run With Us, ‘cos this week’s Silly Sunday track is none other than…



Smash it!

Kara Simsek

6 Responses to “Boy’zGONE (+ silly sunday)”

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  3. classabryson Says:

    Far and away the best post that has ever been on this site. Genius!

  4. Uh, where the hell did you find zombie/murdered Gately photo? Tremendous find. Sad tragic death. Robbed us of him, and Louis Walsh’s fascinating insight on X Factor results night. Just had to put up with a pathetic excuse for an apology from Dani….leading to further evidence that Kylie is better than Dani

  5. karasimsek Says:

    Kylie – toothy plastic faced trollop
    Dannii – toothy plastic faced trollop

    Same difference?!

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