The plot thickens!


Current events Monday!
Gately DEAD.
But what REALLY happened?
A WANARB investigation…

Let’s analyse the information presented to us by quality newspaper The Daily Mail and get to the bottom of this mess!

“The 33-year-old singer is understood to have fallen asleep on the sofa but is thought to have died after choking on his own vomit following a drinking session.”

He fucked up on GBL

“He was found by his distraught partner on Saturday afternoon but it is unclear whether Giorgio had left the flat before Gately died.”

So his husband was banging another bloke whilst Gately died on the settee?
This itself raises numerous questions:
1. Was the husband shagging him because Gately was too paraletic to get it up?
2. Perhaps the husband and ‘Bulgarian’ plotted this and killed him!
3. Was Gately involved before (or even during/after!!) he passed out?

“Police believe the Bulgarian could help them unravel the mystery surrounding the death.”

I seriously doubt there is a Bulgarian. This is a classic case of OD-ing, panicking and then dragging in a made up alibi to put the cops off the scent. Like that woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death then blamed it on some mystery driver with road rage, Tracie Andrews.

“But Gately, who was wearing pyjamas, had drowned from the fluid on his lungs”

So he got in from a night out and put his pyjamas on even though he was so pissed he ‘choked on his own vomit’ – bullshit. When you’re that wasted perhaps you manage to take your shoes off – perhaps!

Wouldn’t his husband have heard him vomiting and choking? What was he doing? – Or should that be who was he doing?

“they went to the Black Cat nightclub on Friday. They are believed to have left at about 4.30am”

From my research:
Black Cat is Palma de Mallorca’s biggest and most popular gay club, with exotic shows every night and a mixed crowd of holidaymakers and locals.

Perhaps I’m just a wreckhead, but if you’re leaving a club at 4.30 it’s usually to go home and continue getting on it as the club is about to shut. ‘Exotic shows’ must mean it’s some sort of leather bar.

“One investigator said: ‘He was in a strange position. He was found squatting down on the sofa almost in a praying position.’ “

Face down ass up?!?! Suspicious.
There’s clearly been some sort of sexually dodgy scenario.
I’m not a doctor (or a detective) but can you even die in that position?
Wouldn’t the sick have poured out of his mouth if he was like that?!

“There were no signs of violence or evidence of suicide or any obvious evidence pointing to another probable cause of death such as the use of drugs.”

My mate XXX got really in to GBL for a bit and accidentally drank a pint of water he had diluted some in instead of the water he had got to drink before driving his car somewhere. All he knows next is that the police shook him awake – he was sat behind the wheel in a lay by about 6 miles from his house. Really lucky he didn’t die or kill someone, but that’s irrelevant. The police breathalysed him, he was fine, so they took him to hospital for blood tests. The tests all came back clear as GBL is already found in the blood in a small amount so can’t be detected, and wears off quickly (or something like that). So I think that Gately ODd on GB but it will never be declared.

(From Wikipedia – GBL overdose can cause severe sickness, coma and death. GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and GBL (gamma butyrolactone) are substances which are often used as recreational drugs. GHB has two effects, at low doses it has a euphoric effect (which is why it is sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy). At higher doses it acts like a sedative and can make the user unconscious very quickly. )

If you’re interested in taking GBL then just get hold of some alloy wheel cleaner. Apparently this is all GBL is.

“Gately was discovered at 1.45pm on Saturday in the apartment in the exclusive resort of Port Andratx in south west Majorca.”

Perhaps I’m a mug, but we have a friend that has a habit of kayholling. My friend and I have sat up all night before holding his pulse and checking that he’s still breathing as we’ve been so scared he might die. He’s not even our husband and we do this.
Thus the husband is either
1. A bad husband
2. A murderer
3. Shagging that Bulgarian all night – esp if his husband left him on the sofa?  Surely if this ‘Bulgarian’ was a friend or just came back for a drink you’d have them in the living room and let the wasted person go to bed?!
4. Panicking and working out what to do. I’ll be interested to see what his phone records reveal.

Now, this is from another Daily Mail article – I’m not going to judge (as I’m not Jeremy Kyle) but it certainly portrays the husband in a less than savoury light…

“Nor was his relationship with Cowles without its share of storminess. Just two months after tying the knot, Cowles was photographed allegedly beating Gately after they had a row while dining at The Ivy restaurant. Gately subsequently laughed off the incident saying: ‘Boys will be boys. We were both tipsy and tired.'”

His husband gave him a beating in the street?!!? WTF.

What do you guys think?! Foul play? Or is the Daily Mail correct and it was a ‘tragic’ accident? I can’t believe a member of frickin Boyzone died in the same way as John Bonham. Rock n roll – another nail is hammered in to your coffin.

Kara Simsek

5 Responses to “The plot thickens!”

  1. brilliant reading

  2. […] The plot thickens! « we are not a rock band – view page – cached Let’s analyse the information presented to us by quality newspaper The Daily Mail and get to the bottom of this mess! — From the page […]

  3. sounds about right. best theory so far.

  4. It’s certainly not “natural causes” thats fo sho

  5. If you’re interested in taking GBL then just get hold of some alloy wheel cleaner. Apparently this is all GBL is. –

    what r u some sort of twat!

    ffs u should remove that comment

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