bournemouth breaks


I had a great time on Friday night! Saturday daytime was terrible by all accounts but Friday was as sensational as ‘We Fear Silence‘ promised it would be. Chew The Fat!‘s 12th Birthday at the Arches was exactly what the disco doctor ordered in preparation for the pre-winter blues.

HazMat testified to what a raucous night it was in his post earlier this week, and as good as all the acts were – it was the last 3 hours that caught our attention. Doorly played a brutal set between 2am and 4am, one that scared off the majority of the lilly-livered clubbers well before 3 o’clock. This made space in the pit, paving the way perfectly for the legends that are Aquasky to finish us off and take the remaining 50 or so ravers to 5am.

I’m not too familiar with Aquasky but HazMat filled me in with a few quick facts; they’re a Bournemouth based trio, they’re iconic breakbeat masters, and by the look of the picture above – they love a battered sausage. By the time HazMat had finished slurring his way through explaining this, I realised my legs were fucked from stomping all night but Aquasky kept dragging me back up with little known electro gems of filthy nature and massive mainstream floorfillers.

Unfortunately, the lights finally went up signalling the end of the night and I didn’t really want to go (I did). Shame it had to end and I wish you could have been there with me, I really do! So instead you’ll just have to settle for this mix they put together for Chew the Fat and a couple of killer tunes they produced.

Aquasky Chew the Fat’s September mix

AquaskyIt Will Knock You Out

AquaskyBack To The Top

*sorry HazMat i couldnt find an MP3 copy of Disco Biscuits or Satellite but I heard it on YouTube, much fatness.




Note from HazMat: I used to love these guys!! Back in the day when breaks ruled the underground Aquasky and Masterblaster released an album in 2002 called ‘Beat The System’ which was immense. Those were the days…

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