the expendables trailer leaked!


As Brad Pitt’s Lt Aldo Raine said in Inglorious Basterds, “Oh yes yes yes”. The trailer for Sly’s ridiculously awesomely cast ‘Expendables’ dropped today and it.looks.awesome.

Sly, Li, Statham, Rourke, Couture, Lundgren, Austin, Willis, Trejo and Schwarzenegger in the same film. Tremendous, oh and Terry Crews, who’s a big muscly bastard in pretty much everything he’s in, and as a bonus we got Angel Batista from Dexter!

The Expendables – Trailer
by flogoo

4 Responses to “the expendables trailer leaked!”

  1. I WAS excited… until I saw this. Wow, this looks LAME.

  2. I’m hoping its going to be sooo bad its tremendous, a bit like Rambo IV

  3. karasimsek Says:

    It better have as good a kill ratio as Rambo IV or I will kick off like a mothafucka.

  4. This could be the biggest action film since the Matrix. Can’t wait to see all the heroes come together!

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