Unsigned band :kinema:


Hello all! God, writing a blog on a saturday night is sorry state of affairs. Anyways – I’m excited as the other day I discovered THREE new bands that need to get the blogging treatment… Keep your eyes peeled in days to come.

The first of these three are a trio from Brighton called :Kinema:, who were were bought to my attention by one of my best buddies and Brighton guru, Mr Barker. When I first heard their tunes I was instantly struck by their likeness to Phoenix. But it must be said, they are much poppier than Phoenix – infact, dare I say this could be ‘super-pop’? (that sounds like a dirty word if ever I heard one). Formed in 2007, Dom Ashton, Andy Nelson and Ross Flight have been developed a sound which combines elements of yacht rock, contemporary pop and dance music, although their Myspace states that they are classed as Indie / R&B / Disco House. See for yourself.

Could they be destined for bigger things? Let us know your thoughts.

:Kinema: – Circles

:Kinema: – Let’s get to it

P.s. – They’re not even signed yet!




2 Responses to “Unsigned band :kinema:”

  1. Hello – “Brighton Guru” here.

    Circles is coming out on Slutty Fringe in December… WORD!

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