Daft punk tron track leaked

Daft punk

Woah woah woah. Could this be a monumental moment? Could we have just stumbled across a leaked Daft Punk track for the new Tron film??? Oh god oh god oh god.

I can’t wait for the film now…

Daft Punk – Fragile (Tron legacy soundtrack)


10 Responses to “Daft punk tron track leaked”

  1. knockturnal Says:

    I’m keeping all fingers and toes crossed for Daft Punk playing Ultra Music Festival next year!

  2. or Australia next March/April….for me anyway….

  3. anywhere they play i shall be there…

    Wireless is still the best gig i have ever been to by a million miles and I don’t think i’ve met anyone who disagrees.

  4. allenkeif Says:

    I’ll travel the world and the seven seas.

  5. Tron legacy trailer.

  6. the director is saying there’s going to be tie-in Daft Punk events to promote the film, i.e. the soundtrack performed live.

    As I understand it, the terminology is: SIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.

  7. Oh SHEEEEEEEEEEEEIT that will be quite good.

  8. karasimsek Says:

    Let’s just hope that the film isn’t ABHORRRRRRRRRRRRRENT and the only way they’ll make any money back is by whoring Daft Punk out.

  9. LePoisson Says:

    This isn’t by Daft Punk.

  10. Knockturnal Says:

    Thanks for pointing out but we’re well aware of this now (this post was from 8-9 months ago), we never said it was for sure… Just thought it was a possibility and at the time was something to get excited about!

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