Introducing…Trophy Boyfriend

Trophy boyfriend

For the second time in two days, I’m writing about someone who’s got a link to ‘Suicide’. Hmm, it seems I have missed out a pioneering electronica group from my listening, and need to go catch up (thanks Spotify!)

So, this is Trophy Boyfriend who is Gregor Ruigrok, or alternatively (from his MySpace),

“Gregor, his guitar, a Vox AC30, a PC, several pedals in various states of disrepair and a fistful of soft-synths.”

I’d love to explain what it sounds like, but there’s no need, as his track “Black Ship” is below for your downloading pleasure, and he’s taken it upon himself to tell us what he sounds like:

“An oscillation of pressure, an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner. . .”

Maybe we’d best not leave it to him, because in our terms, it’s just plain old fashioned goodness, that’s all you need to know, so check out the track below.

Trophy Boyfriend – Black Ship





3 Responses to “Introducing…Trophy Boyfriend”

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  2. […] to follow), it’s much more heartfelt, soulful, minimalist electronica and guitars. Like with Trophy Boyfriend, they’re solid songs with a lot of promise and being signed to a smaller label, they may not have […]

  3. […] already blogged a couple of times about his previous releases, Winston’s Rat and Black Ship, and now he’s back with new EP ‘Distant Chimes’ which is available for free through his […]

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