What might have been lost…

bon iver

Stephenie Meyer has a lot to answer for. I’m not going to rant about her diabolical literature or its adaptation into one of the worst films of the decade and I’m certainly not going to launch into a musical diatribe regarding Paramore. This is just going to be a short annoyed paragraph and some new music from artists I used to love and am now not sure about, all thanks to their association with the aforementioned wench.

The soundtrack to ‘New Moon’, the second book/film in the Twilight ‘Saga’ has been leaked/released/whatever, it includes some stellar artists but I’m not sure whether the songs they’ve crafted were worth spending their time on. Individual songs for soundtracks are never all that good really, and this is no exception. Death Cab for Cutie and Thom Yorke are on there so is Lykke Li. Their songs are OK, just not up to their usual standard. What irks me the most though is this; Bon Iver & St Vincent have collaborated on a track, and it doesn’t come close to what it should have been.

Bon Iver & St Vincent – Roslyn

Death Cab for Cutie – Meet me on the equinox

If you want to check out the whole album, check out unpiano, but its not really worth it. A much better use of your time is to download the Bon Iver track below and then go out and buy “For Emma, Forever Ago” and appreciate it’s beauty, the intricate, delicate, heartfelt and moving stories that Justin Vernon weaves are something Stephenie Meyer can only ever dream about.

Bon Iver – The Wolves (Act I & II): Live @ Bonaroo 2009




One Response to “What might have been lost…”

  1. yourbestfriend Says:

    oh shut up, you love stephanie meyer. liar.

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