When WANARB met the The So So Glos


On Sunday, knockturnal and I had the chance to hang out with New York band The So So Glos before they headed off to Paris to embark on a European tour with The Virgins. They were really nice and we had a good chat about dubstep with Ryan Levine, who I think is the singer. I’m not sure. He was a super nice guy regardless.

“If we could be remixed by anyone, I’d say Caspa,” he explained. “I’m doing my best [to get in to dubstep] – but being over there, there’s nothing there, right. There’s one night a month in New York, it’s called Dubwars.”

“I’m more in to Skinnyman,” Matt Elkin told us. “He’s more like true roots, underground hip hop, sampled like New York shit, you know what I mean?” Um, do you mean this guy, who’s originally from Leeds? If so – nice. From the moors to the masses.

This is a pretty nice remix of one of their tracks, it’s far more low-fi than anything you’d find on their mini album Terrorism/Tourism which you can download for free.

The So So Glos – 99 Degrees (Ninjasonik Remix)

Matt also suggested we check out some ‘dirty south’ which apparently is ‘the closest thing we have to dubstep’. Um have to disagree on that, considering as to the best of my knowledge it’s hip hop from the southern states of America. So stuff like Chingy and  Lil Jon. I’m not ashamed to say that I fucking love Lil Jon and I’m gonna rinse this chance to present this classic Lil Jon clip. Yeeeeeeeeah!

Kara Simsek



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