Silly Sunday – Grandstand theme

Apologies for being late with this Silly Sunday. Writing posts on a Sunday is officially lame anyway.

This tune is very special to me and is pretty much the reason why I had the idea of doing Silly Sundays in the first place. Back in my uni days, when we were drunk and it was late/early enough for the sun to start poking through the curtains, we would play the BBC Grandstand theme music and pretend to be a variety of sports stars doing their sporty stuff. For example, Cricket: the classic moves we would copy would be the defensive shot, a sweep and/or the ‘take your hat off and point your bat at the pavilion ‘cos you’ve just hit a century’ manoeuver. For rugby – it would be running with the ball, hand in face of your opponent followed by a dive onto the bed for a try. Football? Free kick or header followed by Ravanelli style celebrations. We mixed it up a bit sometimes with a bit of Tennis, Golf or any other sport we could think of.

God we were so cool.

Anyway – check it out – it’s the full length version, longer than on the show and IT EVEN HAS A GUITAR SOLO!! That’s right, a guitar solo. What a tune.

Alan Hawkshaw – BBC Grandstand Theme Tune

(I understand that by confessing to all of that geekery I run the risk of losing all my friends and will probably never get laid again. I urge you all, please don’t hold any of what I have just said against me, I was young and naive. I will never do it again.)

(Expect for maybe the token pelvic thrust when the Kettle drum goes booooiiiiing.)


2 Responses to “Silly Sunday – Grandstand theme”

  1. Alan Hawkshaw is the man and no mistake. Utter legend.

  2. It was Keith Mansfield, not Alan Hawkshaw.
    They’re both legends. Great tune.

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