let the nightmares commence!


So guys and gals it’s that time of year again! You know the time where you give sweets to kids? Or you get some nicely cracked Tesco’s economy eggs in your face. (That’s if you’re lucky, I know someone who actually had some sort of excrement rubbed across their door, eww wrong wrong wrong!)

So, I thought who better to feature in on our Halloween run up than the masters of the dark, Chris Cunningham and David D James (otherwise known as Aphex Twin). And when I say masters I truly mean masters, when these two collaborate it’s like we little humans are treated to a little taster of what the burning ashes of Damien’s lare would look like.

Rubber Johnny had pretty much the same effect on me as Requiem for a Dream did when i first watched it, (it put my mind in one of the darkest places it’s ever been) and i will never ever be able to look at a chihuahua the same way again.

“The concept for Rubber Johnny came from Cunningham’s imagining a raver morphing as he danced. The idea evolved to the present film, in which Johnny (played by Cunningham) is an isolated deformed (possibly hydrocephalus) teenager kept on a wheelchair and locked in a dark basement with his chihuahua”. (Wikipedia)

And as for Come to Daddy, well little Aphex Twins in girls school uniforms, running around screaming at ladies so old they have boobs for knees, need i say more…?


One Response to “let the nightmares commence!”

  1. that vid is so fucking mental, hard to watch on ya own! fucking B A N G I N G tunes! bring on the horror

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