Jackson is very much alive

Kap BambinoThis tune got brought to my attention by an old pal of mine today – and it made me instantly reach for my computer to share it with you guys. It’s Jackson’s beastly remix of Kap Bambino’s Batcaves. It’s slow, sluggish, moody and eery – just what we need on a weekend like this! Now – I know NOTHING about the Jackson person – is anyone able to shed some light? Does he/she/it make more stuff like this? I need to know!! Answers on a postcard please.

Kap Bambino – Batcaves (Jackson remix) (Link courtesy of RCRD LBL)

If you don’t already know, Kap Bambino are up tempo electronic marauders – expect to see them appearing on WANARB in the not so distant future…


2 Responses to “Jackson is very much alive”

  1. ❤ jackson. saw him @ plastic people a couple years ago now i think… what an amazing night that was… made me feel better about using my laptop in sets!

  2. Jackson is an amazing musician. He makes very chaotic fantastic music, like a mix between Justice, someone tuning a radio and a horror soundtrack. Check out his album “Smash” if you want your mind blown.

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