The duo goes wedding on your ass


With everyone in my facebook friends list getting married/engaged/settling down/having kids/growing up, we have decided to make you a mixtape with a wedding theme (yes, ALL compilations should be called mixtapes, even if they are mp3s in an order on a blog).

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’

Something old:


Vivian Vee – Remember

I found out about this incredible artist whilst playing the video game version of ‘The Warriors’ movie. I went out a day later to buy the soundtrack… 10 tracks, none of them were it. After muchos researchos I had a massive list of tracks to find, all loosely related to the film or game. Many purchases and *legal of course* downloads later I finally found it. I sent the track over to another DJ freind of ours who’s reply was simply – “must. find. the. vinyl.” (Also check out her debut track ‘Give me a Break’. It’s like someone managed to distill and record what ‘happy’ sounds like).

Two things new:


The Big Pink – Dominos [Switch Mix]

The folks @ Mad Decent are too generous. They have lots of lovely tracks for you to download. There is something about Switch’s bass heavy almost tribal sounding tracks that you can’t help but bop to. I sit here are 2:12am in a thick stinky cloud of cigarette smoke, unhappy at my facebook, hotmail and gmail accounts all being hacked, yet my head is still bopping about like a novelty nodding dog… Can you still buy those in the UK? My mum bought me a nodding camel when she moved to the Middle East. I love mum.


Ratatat – Loud Pipes (GMGN Reeeeemix)

Very very catchy remix i discovered over @ ilictronix. The intro of it sounds like the first of ‘Two things blue’ at the bottom of this post. Quite head boppy too and there is some nice yet unusually structured filters whooshing about a bit… Y’know to make the guitars listenable for all you dance junkies.

Something borrowed:


Steve Miller Band Vs. Michael Jackson – DJ Gizmo

It’s a boot-up, a mash-leg, a boot-mash, whatevs. I apologise – it’s not 2002. The two tracks fit weirdly well… Why did Soulwax get all the credit for inventing that bootleg jazz? I swear Ice Cube had a cut of ‘Check Yo’Self’ which used the music from ‘White Lines’ back in ’94… Vocals from one track, music from another… and people have been singing over other peoples music for years… I’m sure it was the mysterious Kurtis Rush that ressurected it in this decade^^ Soulwax were brilliant at it to be fair…

Two things blue:


St. Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Amazing track I have my big brother to thank for playing today. Granted I heard it’s low bassline through the wall whilst i was cooking up a storm of pasta, but a beautiful remix of a cover of a classic Neil Young track. It’s rumoured to be about Graham Nash & Joni Mitchell. Whilst at school my freind Ed & his band wrote a song about my very teenage situation with a girl. It might’ve pissed me off less if it sounded anything like this. But let’s just not mention the Corrs version…oops /facepalm.


White Town – Your Woman

It could be about 1 sided/mis-directed love which doesn’t reach across the gender/sexuality divide to the recipient. It seems pretty personal to the artist. Maybe he never bagged his lesbian but he did make a huge song in ’96 that people still quote relentlessly to him on his fanpage. He had other songs, they were also good! This one is just really quite well written! and blue.


Big Shadowstep

6 Responses to “The duo goes wedding on your ass”

  1. karasimsek Says:

    Surely you should have thrown in Freda Payne’s Band Of Gold? The best divorce song EVER. Or Jim Diamond’s Should Have Known Better – yeah, for those apres-aisle regrets.


  2. hmm I don’t know about that

  3. hahaha or d-i-v-o-r-c-e by billy connolly right? i was in a strictly 90s vibe when i was doing the blue ones! both pretty warm up set worthy i think!

  4. karasimsek Says:

    OMG Vivian Vee. EPIC

  5. White Town – Your Woman is genius, been getting a few plays since i’ve donwloaded!

  6. ❤ the vivian vee so so much. you don't know how long it took me to track that song down. seriously check out you will ❤ it too. i'd give her any kind of break she wants with those dance moves.

    and i love that white town track… i'd not touched it for years but yeah it has been on regular rotation since i blew the dust off it =]

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