I dismissed MySpace as being shit aaaages ago, but since deciding to ‘quit Facebook’ have found myself falling in love with it all over again. And what do I find moments after logging in after a year long hiatus – I find Slaughterbrains – or more specifically his spookytastic and well thought out Halloween Mixtape.

So who is this murderous character? I don’t know too much. Except that he might be playing around east London towards the end of this year or early next. I interrogated him and can report back the following: In his own words…

Im addicted to horror films,
I love raving
My favourite flavour is watermelon
I would like to lead a team of scientists in Antarctica developing a cure for hangovers and comedowns.

He’s clearly a really good guy. Watermelon IS the best flavour – EVER. WHY WHY WHY did they get rid of Jolly Ranchers? That’s the best watermelon flavour around! And he cares about other people’s wellbeing.

Because he loves horror films  (as well ALL do here at WANARB) I had to drag him in to the ongoing lighthearted debate about whether Nightmare on Elm Street should be remade… He said no, by the way. Which gains him another tick from me.


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