Andy Blake’s World Unknown mix

andy%20blake%20web%20photoThis Friday, World Unknown returns to Brixton for its second outing. Featuring a fantastic music policy of Belgian new beat, cold wave, synth-pop, italo jacking acid house, techno and electro, it makes a nice change to hear about a night that is offering something a bit more thoughtful than fidget. This could be because ‘World Unknown is a monthly session bringing back a tougher, more physical, emotional and cerebral synth-based take on dance music to London’s musical landscape’ – about time too!

If the night is anything as good as this mix by Andy Blake then it’ll be absolutely superb. I think Andy Blake is my new hero, I found a sweet interview with him at Cool In The Pool. He also runs Dissident, which releases ‘freestyle analogue electronic dance music’. I like the site as it reminds me a bit of Deathchant Records. In just 2 years, Dissident have put out over 60 vinyl-only singles, three CD compilations and absolutely no digital downloads.

Andy Blake – This Ain’t No Disco – music for a world unknown volume one

Sadly there is no track list for this mix. Andy explained: ‘I don’t give out tracklists with my mixes but if anyone wants to know specific tracks i’m always happy to let them know.’  I told him my favourite kicks in around the 26 minute mark. Proving to be true to his word he said: ‘The one you like is Poison by The Weathermen. There are a few different versions on 3 12″s, that one is the toxic lipstick mix.’

So yeah if you like acid house, new beat, EBM, cold wave, synth pop, proper electro and more plus you wanna see Radical Majik live (Klang, Rotters Golf Club, The Boardroom), the amazing Andy Blake and Joe Hart, head to Brixton this Friday!

November 6th
11pm – 5am
Secret location, Brixton, London
£5 before 12 and £7 after.
Visit for address or email for address plus £5.00 guest list all night

Kara Simsek

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