Kap Bambino – Old Blue Last

Kap 1

It’s been a while since I blogged, what with my computer contracting digital AIDS. I was forced to grovel at work for a new hard drive, and then was rewarded with a mountain of work by my boss, so finding time to blog has been limited. But now I’m back and I thought it would be appropriate to bang on shamelessly about the gig I went to tuesday night.

Having been very excited about the prospect of seeing Kap Bambino at Offset festival, I was massively gutted to miss them because of my aimless wandering from place to place (mostly the campsite which looked like something out of District 9). When I eventually got back to the ECC tent I found knockturnal, AK47 and a few other friends completely hyped up at what they had just seen. Cue anger.

Kap 2

Anyway…  Knockturnal emails me on Monday and tells me, “All plans I had for Tuesday are out the window as we’re going to the Old Blue Last to Watch Kap Bambino”. Result! You couldn’t ask for a better venue either, the Old Blue Last is a proper dirty, grimey, East End pub. When the place starts rocking you can feel the whole first floor bouncing, which was exactly what was happening when Caroline Martial took the stage and powered around it, up the walls and into the crowd, leaving everyone screaming for more! All the while Orion Bouvier quietly smash’s through another electronic, grunge-metal mix in the background. A sensational performance!

Kap BambinoRed Sing

Kap BambinoDead Lazers

Kap Bambino Zero Life

4th Level Zombie



2 Responses to “Kap Bambino – Old Blue Last”

  1. Ah, Offset. Kap Bambino and the Chelmsford Ravers Society gave me an ephiany

  2. absolutely fucking ace show from KB – again

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