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For those of you who don’t know Niyi, he’s one of those ‘cool scene London people’ . He used to pop-up alot in Super Super Magazine etc. He would wear a KFC bucket on a chain, which I guess gives a whole new meaning to ‘meals on wheels’ (or legs, or neck – whatever).

Anyway, I’ve got a copy of his soon-to-be-released EP Jungle Fever, which comes out on Jan 4th. I don’t really like it massively to be honest (probably as I’m mostly listening to Bathory atm and it doesn’t quite fit), but one track that stood out was the Raven remix of Bump Back. As it’s basically sampling Proxy instead of being remixed by him I’m more implied to call it a rip-off. Still I like it. Nice work Niyi!

Niyi Bump Back (Raven Remix)

Niyi – Brotherhood of Truth vol1

Kara Simsek



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