In Flagranti do Crystal

I have waited ages to do a decent Crystal Fighters post, they’re everywhere at the moment thanks to the massive backing they received from Kitsune. With their latest release they’ve combined my love for London with In Flagranti – no mean feat. Crystal Fighters ‘I Love London’ has been remixed by all and sundry just before its official release date on the 30th Nov, but In Flagranti’s remix was the one that finally made me sit down and write this small piece for it.

In Flagranti are duo Alex Goor and Sasha Crnobrnja (that second name sounds like a joke to be honest or Eastern European town stuck in some mountains) and their sound can be an acquired taste at times, with unusual disco/punk/house mixes that sound like they should slap you in the face but come across more understated.

They’re a real love-them-or-leave them group, a bit like Crystal Fighters themselves.  I love London will give your brain a Marmite moment trying to make you decide if you like it or not. Unfortunately we can’t let you download it for free as we want you to go buy it – however, you can listen to it below AND we’ve thrown in a couple of bonus remixes to go with the In Flagranti mix (Kid Kola’s strange take on the song and 80Kid’s remix which has been spanked around the blogosphere). Aren’t we nice.

Crystal FightersI Love London

Crystal FightersI Love London (In Flagranti Vintage Remix)

Crystal FightersI Love London (80Kid Remix)

Crystal FightersI love London (Kid Kola Remix)

* Crystal Fighters are playing at Fabric live on the 11th of Dec and In Flagranti are playing The Legion on the 19th of Dec. Neat!

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