Museum of Bella Artes

I think next year (apart from heading halfway around the world for a wedding in Australia), number one on my “I want to go to there” list will be Stockholm.

Sweden just seems to be producing some phenomenal music of late, and there must be a massive amount of amazing music going on over there that I’m never going to hear unless I’m actually there. I want to go to there, find it, enjoy it, and have the time of my life. I’m sure some of Team WANARB will accompany me, then we can bring you WANARB does Stockholm and report back our tremendous findings.

Anyway – I digress, because really this post is all about my latest discovery which comes in the form of  The Museum of Bella Artes – who only have 206 friends on MySpace! This is a crying shame. (Well, 207 now WANARB are their friends.)

Their only track so far (because one of the band doesn’t like any of their other songs!) is “Who Do You Love” which I do in fact love.

Museum of Bella Artes – Who Do You Love




2 Responses to “Museum of Bella Artes”

  1. AK47 – i will be in Stockholm 11- 15th December looking for some cool bands (and christmas presents). i’ll report back with my findings
    In the meantime Erik Hassle is playing West Rocks next week >>>

  2. Tremendous news Bertrum1, both on Stockholm and West Rocks, I have a space in my calendar and may just head along…

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