Two Door Cinema Club

God, I haven’t actually blogged about music for a while. It’s like I’m experiencing writers block, or something equivalent that bloggers get? Anyway, I wanted to write words that would melt in your hand, words of wisdom, words that would make you think ‘Yes!’ and make Two Door Cinema Club your new favourite band, but all I can think of is “they’re tremendous; you should give them a listen”. Well, that and, really, they are pretty awesome! Like a more upbeat Postal Service crossed with Foals, it’s a lame comparison, but hey, any comparison is good when you’ve got this kind of mental block.

So, here is the video for their new single, “I Can Talk” accompanied below with the French Horn Rebellion and the Crystal Fighters remixes.

Two Door Cinema Club I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club I Can Talk (Crystal Fighters Remix)

The single is out on Monday and their debut album should be released in Feb 2010, if it’s anywhere near as good as their EP, ‘Four Words to Stand On’ then we’re in for a treat.

– AK47



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