Silly Sunday – Weeee’re goin’ daanapub!

This week’s Silly Sunday isn’t a cartoon, computer game or anything like that – it’s an actual tune. And yes, it’s also an ACTUAL tune. I was gonna save it for a bank holiday, but there are none left this year F.F.S!

I was reminded of ‘Hurry Up Harry’ by an advert for a TV program about Britain’s binge drinking youth and have been singing it around my house ever since (pretty much pissing my housemates off along the way). What I ADORE about this tune is its pure unadulterated Laaaandaaaan (London) cockneyness. It’s not just their brilliant cockney accents that I love so much, it’s also the point of the tune itself. It sums up that care-free (reckless) pint swilling lager lout way of life that is so typically English and still thrives today in many (predominantly white) neighbourhoods around the country.

The lyrics make me laugh too, from the “Weeeeeeee’rrrreeee goin daanapub” to the “now listen ‘ere ‘arry cos we’re going daanapub, you better tell you’re mumma don’t finish up ya grub – I wish you’d listen to mee, NO I don’t want a cup of teeea”

It’s genius. For our non-British readers, (and I suppose non-Londoners too) this song epitomises cockney life in the late 70’s, and is still probably relevant with the cock-er-nee of today.

Take a listen.

Sham 69 – Hurry Up Harry


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